Our Difference

What sets Synergy Sales Solutions apart from the rest?

Shaun’s experience is not simply being a trainer all his life or even just being in sports for most of his career then becoming a trainer.

He has held sales executive and account manager roles in in several industries together with sales manager, director and VP roles within sports. He has also held managers roles within Marketing, Service, Finance and Production departments when working for companies outside of sport.

All of which means the major difference is…he gets it!

From both the sports and business point of view. He does not just peddle out the same “7 Steps” or latest bestselling book ideas and techniques that sound great but don’t actually work in the sports executive world.

Everything he does is based on is past and ongoing work experience in the business world. That is, “Would this work in the real world? As, business people are not stupid!


Five Reasons to use Synergy Sales Solutions

1) We are not simply a classroom trainer but work alongside sales and service executives both making calls and going on meetings

2) Shaun Graham has experience of being a salesman and running sales teams both within professional sports and business

3) As we are making calls and going on meetings continually, our developmental service is always up to date and based on todays ”real world” status (real world not just the latest bestselling book methodology)

4) We do not have one size fits all training sessions that we just repeat year after year; we have progressive training sessions; always going to the next level

5) Shaun backs up everything he does and says personally. So, every time you retain Synergy, it will be him personally coming in. He will not send someone else, then charge a premium for his “attendance” 

One-to-One Development

An important distinction is the ability of the trainer to coach knowledge, skill and process not just focus on the technique. Whether with sales or service executives we “show” as well as review; this means that we actually pick up the phone … [READ MORE...]

Sales Floor Group Development

Sales trainers have to take an active and regular role in coaching new skills and processes. In other words, create the “learn, then do” opportunities needed to develop new behaviors. Full participation and involvement by the sales executive … [READ MORE...]

Interactive Training Room Sessions

Training room work has its place but it is simply a catalyst for development not an end in itself. We bring real world examples into the training room that is relevant today and always adapting to the continually changing buying environment. We … [READ MORE...]

What Clients Say About Synergy

"We have had a number of good trainers in over the years but what makes the difference for us with Synergy is the real world practical background experience of both the business and sports world that Shaun brings." - Mike Setser, Sr. Director Corporate Sales, San Antonio Spurs  [READ MORE...]