Account Management Client Service Development
Sample Training Room Agenda

This is a one day session with the morning will be split between meetings with the service executives. The sessions can be one-to-one or in related groups with the purpose being to develop the account managers through personal coaching away from their desk whilst at the same time ascertaining what do they want to gain from the afternoon training room session.

This time working alongside the client service executives ensures the afternoons training is not simply a one size fits all session but rather a specifically tailored session.

The afternoon is in the training room for in-formal (very interactive) client service training for all account managers and management, specifically tailored to the responses gained from the morning meetings.

An Integrated Client Service Selling System by Synergy Sales Solutions, Ltd


  • This is not about turning you into Sales People!!
  • Client Service Definitions
  • The Silent Majority: The facts and figures of unhappy customers

Understanding Corporate Sales Principles

  • Why People BuyPsychology of the Decision
  • Why our Corporate Clients make a Decision

Why do Companies Partner with Sports Teams?

  • Identify or create support activities that enhance their corporate strategies
  • Essential elements they are looking for:
  1. Matching needs & aims
  2. Establish & maintain a good working relationship
  3. Documentation of ROI

Service Side Also Need to Focus on Customers ROO

  • What are our customers Return on Objectives?
  • Customers have to know what they could gain, before they invite you to continue
  • Get them up to speed on what other (similar) customers have done

Consultative Selling to Gain Long-Term Customer Relationships

  • Creating Customers For Life
  • How Does Consultative approach Affect Client Services?
  • How do we use a Success Accounts and Why is it so Vital in Todays Service side

Foundation Principles to long-term Customer Relationships

  1. Quality of Conformance
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Market Perceived Quality v Competitors
  4. Customer Value Management

Customers Appreciate Up-sellingIts a Service!

  • Up-selling is simply a service to enhance their experience
  • 4 Major Ways to Up-Sell Customers
  • Up-Selling Technique is not about being pushy

A Review:

  • The Rules of Service Selling

Note: The final half hour of the day will be spent with management reviewing and making recommendations.


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What Clients Say About Synergy

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