About Us

We work with over 100 sports organizations across all the major leagues in three different countries focusing on maximizing sales from todays CORPORATE MARKET

We believe that whilst the right sales training room course is a key ingredient; on its own it can never be the magic bullet. Whether working with sales teams selling Sponsorship, Suites, Premium Seating, Season Tickets or Group Tickets, to achieve sales and revenue growth, training is a development process, not a one-off event. The secret to sales training that makes a real difference today has less to do with what goes on in the training room and more to do with what the sales executives do before and after the training room seminar.

Synergy Sales Solutions sales process evolved in the mid 2000s when there was a radical shift in commercial prospect consciousness that dramatically redefined everything we know about selling to businesses and fundamentally altering the corporate sales rules.

New approaches and different techniques are required to gain access. Sales approaches that have worked for years are no longer as effective, in fact they actually create more obstacles because it is not all about clever tricks and techniques with today’s corporate managers.

Why? Because Business People are not Stupid!

The truth is, the majority of sales executives in sports today do not maximize their sales to the corporate world. The main reason is they have a totally erroneous view of what the selling process is. Most go about it in the same way they sell to fans, single game byers, past season ticket holders, etc. That is, the way they were shown when first joining the Inside Sales team. A sale to the business world today, whichever product, demands a radical shift from the peddler mentality.

Synergy Sales Solutions selling process is business buyer-oriented; it takes consultative selling a step further as the old Tell & Sell (or tell, then ask for any interest!) has now been replaced in the corporate world. The Integrated Sales Approach developed by Synergy emphasizes a blended approach that allows the sales executive to be more consultative in their sales process, in conjunction with being a lot more strategic. This integration has evolved in response to today’s hyper-competitive, ultra-cautious and very knowledgeable commercial environment.

Synergy works hand in hand with sales and service executives to compliment the internal training they already receive and ensure that the departments obtain maximum return from each call; whether outgoing or incoming. That is, maximize all sales opportunities from the business community.

The sales executives involved can include all levels from the part time rookies within the inside sales team through to the 10+ year vets.

One-to-One Development

An important distinction is the ability of the trainer to coach knowledge, skill and process not just focus on the technique. Whether with sales or service executives we “show” as well as review; this means that we actually pick up the phone … [READ MORE...]

Sales Floor Group Development

Sales trainers have to take an active and regular role in coaching new skills and processes. In other words, create the “learn, then do” opportunities needed to develop new behaviors. Full participation and involvement by the sales executive … [READ MORE...]

Interactive Training Room Sessions

Training room work has its place but it is simply a catalyst for development not an end in itself. We bring real world examples into the training room that is relevant today and always adapting to the continually changing buying environment. We … [READ MORE...]

What Clients Say About Synergy

"We have had a number of good trainers in over the years but what makes the difference for us with Synergy is the real world practical background experience of both the business and sports world that Shaun brings." - Mike Setser, Sr. Director Corporate Sales, San Antonio Spurs  [READ MORE...]