About Shaun Graham

Shaun Graham is originally from England and has dual USA/UK citizenship. He has lived in Denver, Colorado for over 20 years.

After a period of time in the apprentice program with a Premier League football team Shaun joined Swinton Investments as a “boiler room” sales executive (yes, Wolf on Wall Street existed in the UK too!) He then became a full time Fire Fighter for 5 years before going to University to study Business Management and International Finance.

Whilst at University he ran several city bars/pubs together with working for an agency providing tele-sales executives.

But, what makes Shaun unique within sports sales training is his 30 years of sales experience in both professional sports and business. As well as his experience of selling all types of sports inventory he has also held sales positions in business with his experience ranging from selling insurance to industrial valves!

He has over 15 years of management experience working for companies such as IMI International, The Newmor Group and Cintas as well as holding VP positions at sports organizations such as the Colorado Rapids, North American Sports Camps (MLS, NFL and Golden Bear Golf) and Bristol Rugby Club.

In 2006 he started Synergy Sales Marketing in the UK working with over 40 clubs. Then, after a year out running a sales team for a company in Denver, he started Synergy Sales Solutions focusing on working with Major League organizations in America.

His focus has always been B2B. One to one and  group development together with interactive training room session to help sales executives within sport maximize sales to the business world.

Shaun’s unique experience, both in the business area and the sports world, together with his distinctive training & development techniques make him one of the few genuine authorities on selling Group & Season Tickets, Premium Seats, Luxury Suites and Sponsorship to today’s corporate market.

One-to-One Development

An important distinction is the ability of the trainer to coach knowledge, skill and process not just focus on the technique. Whether with sales or service executives we “show” as well as review; this means that we actually pick up the phone … [READ MORE...]

Sales Floor Group Development

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Interactive Training Room Sessions

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What Clients Say About Synergy

"We have had a number of good trainers in over the years but what makes the difference for us with Synergy is the real world practical background experience of both the business and sports world that Shaun brings." - Mike Setser, Sr. Director Corporate Sales, San Antonio Spurs  [READ MORE...]